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Aussie Doodle Dandy – Mixed marvels…

Describing the Breed:

  • Our Aussiedoodles are first generation cross-breeds from pure bred Australian Shepherds and pure bred Poodles.
  • They come in three sizes StandardMiniature and our  Toys. They are beautifully featured puppies with a range of characteristics, coloring and features.
  • Our Aussiedoodles are bred to be a part of your family, enthusiastic but calm, purposeful and fun, healthy and vital, and with a warm, generous and friendly approach.

Designer Dog Advantages:

  • Milder personalities – purebreds are built for one kind of approach to life but designer dogs offer a range of personality responses.
  • Healthier and stronger constitution – purebreds are nearly identical genetically allowing a much higher frequency of genetic weaknesses like hip dysplasia, allergies and aggressive temperament.
  • Blending of traits – purebreds are often designed for one purpose… hunting, herding, fighting or protecting but designer dogs combine behavioral traits in a pleasing way.

The Beauty of the Aussie Doodle:

  • Loyal and devoted – poodles build strong and intimate bonds with their owners and Australian sheep dogs are tireless, purpose-driven workers.
  • Both breeds are highly-attuned to their environment and to their owner and both have a well developed need to please and fit in.
  • The blend of high-energy, purpose and devotion make the Aussiedoodle an ideal family pet.
  • Both breeds are prized for their intelligence, focus and awareness, making their training both easier and more enjoyable for the first-time owner.

Key Features of the breeds:

  • The Poodle -
  • Between 10 pounds (toy/mini) and up to 50 pounds (standard) and standing from the 6″ toy to the 22″ standard
  • Poodles are trained to hunt with great attentiveness and active senses.
  • They are devoted to a small number of people but tend to be a non-aggressive breed.
  • They have a very stately and elegant bearing with head held high and a bounce in their gait.
  • The Australian Shepherd –
  • A herder by nature the Aussie wants to have a purpose and wants to have a master.
  • Aussies want to be at your side at all times – it is part of their sense of purpose.
  • The breed is known for its intelligence and ability to absorb complex tasks making them one of the most adaptable of all breeds

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