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Aussiedoodle & Shepadoodle puppies ..also Service Dog & Obedience Training

My Early Years as a Breeder.
​My love of dogs started before I can even remember. Maybe it was this sweet moment that destined me for a future reputation as “the dog person” in my family. Every family should have one and I’m grateful it’s me. Dogs are the best companions. They are loyal and loving even when you’re not having a good day.I started training dogs when I was a kid, teaching them to sit, stay, rollover and speak. I find the same joy in training dogs today but have graduated to a professional level trainer and now train Service and therapy dogs and dogs for bedbug detection. Finding the right dog for you starts with understanding the breed and then choosing the right breeder. My dogs are pampered with a loving environment, have the freedom to run around in my 1.2 acre yard in a country setting with miles of trails for walking and running and eat only high-quality food.I care about my dogs and care about their puppies. We will work together to make sure you get the pet that’s right for you. Cathy

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